Posted by: Angel of Old | July 11, 2011

New Clan Activity!

Introducing, Team Teleport!

Players must work as a team to perform a series of teleport formations. Challenges arise as your team starts to take on more challenging formations and environments! Team up and see who can perfom the perfect Team Teleport!

Posted by: Angel of Old | July 10, 2011

New Skill Rewards!



Brand new Skill Rewards are as follows:

    Prayer Level 60 – Saradomin crozier / Stole             




    Slayer Level 70 – Black mask   




(Effective 7/9/11)

Posted by: Angel of Old | July 5, 2011

Ranking System – Updates!

As of July 4th, 2011, Clan Legendary will be expanding its reach to all of Gielinor!

To maintain the Clan’s current composure and level of respect, it has been decided that the following will occur:


*** Effective 12:01 am, Pacific Standard time ***

  • All clan members recruited before July 5th, 2011 will be promoted to the rank of Corporal (if they are not already a higher rank).
  • Clan Legendary’s Clan Chat will henceforth require a rank of Corporal to speak on chat. (All ranks may still join the chat)
  • Skill Rewards will henceforth require a rank of Corporal for reward eligibility.
  • There is a probability that Clan Citadels will also require a rank of Corporal for entry.


All new members, joining after July 4th, 12:01 am, will be initiated with the rank of Recruit. No exceptions.

New Recruits will have equal opportunity to prove their loyalty and maturity; until they are to be deemed worthy of the rank of Corporal.

This update will ensure the preexisting structure of the clan ranking system and the stability of our respect for one another.

As the clan expands to 500+ members, this new ranking system will allow for a more comfortable and polished clan environment, in which its members can reside. For any questions, comments or concerns, know that all will be hear with open-minded ears.


Please post all comments below – Anonymous is acceptable.

– Angel

Posted by: Angel of Old | June 16, 2011

Red Skull Glitch, 6-27-11

The Red skull is a status effect which players will gain after winning a round of the TzHaar Fight Pits. The red skull is not supposed to appear outside the Fight Pits, and is supposed to disappear if the player with it leaves the Fight Pits or switches worlds.

This is a player experiecing the Red Skull Glitch, 6/27/11:


Finally got the clan website up and running with the exception of a few pages. This should help a lot — feel free to make suggestions to go up on the site!!!



Welcome to Clan Legendary!

We are a brotherhood composed of young and old, levels 3-138. Our mission is to help one another better themselves and the clan, through commitment and loyalty.

Our goal is simple – Train our members to obtain an impressive, Legendary skill set, quest list, inventory and attitude. We pride ourselves with a fun and supportive clan environment.

Vita, veritas, victoria! Alis grave nil.