Posted by: Angel of Old | June 16, 2011

Red Skull Glitch, 6-27-11

The Red skull is a status effect which players will gain after winning a round of the TzHaar Fight Pits. The red skull is not supposed to appear outside the Fight Pits, and is supposed to disappear if the player with it leaves the Fight Pits or switches worlds.

This is a player experiecing the Red Skull Glitch, 6/27/11:


Finally got the clan website up and running with the exception of a few pages. This should help a lot — feel free to make suggestions to go up on the site!!!



Welcome to Clan Legendary!

We are a brotherhood composed of young and old, levels 3-138. Our mission is to help one another better themselves and the clan, through commitment and loyalty.

Our goal is simple – Train our members to obtain an impressive, Legendary skill set, quest list, inventory and attitude. We pride ourselves with a fun and supportive clan environment.

Vita, veritas, victoria! Alis grave nil.



  1. Sir the website looks great during the mean time I’ll think of some ideas I should discuss with you…keep up on the good work!!!

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