Welcome to Clan Legendary!

We are a brotherhood composed of young and old, levels 3-138. Our mission is to help one another better themselves and the clan, through commitment and loyalty.

Our goal is simple – Train our members to obtain an impressive, Legendary skill set, quest list, inventory and attitude. We pride ourselves with a fun and supportive clan environment.

Vita, veritas, victoria! Alis grave nil.



  1. Keep up with the good work sir, the website will look great when its finished =)

  2. sir i have 2 more tasks to do

  3. Sir im almost to start frennik trails

  4. Great clan!! My first day here was awesome and im already having a great time!

  5. good im glad to hear it =)

  6. Is anybody still using this website? I havn’t seen a single new post since april in 2011! And that post was from me!

    • My bad, i said April but it was really August.

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