1. Sir i thought of a brillient event, It’s called ” Ye olde penguin hunt” What we do is simply buy any coloured pirate outfits, (hats, eyepatches etc). Then we where our clan capes,meet up in any location of your choice, then hunt for penguins as a clan in pirate uniforms. How does that sound? =)

    P.S. Pirate clothes are fairly cheap at the moment but may raise, so i’d buy the clothes as soon as possible. =)

    • Sounds fun 🙂

      Ill start working on it!

      • Thank you sir, it would help the clan to gain experience for skills they want raised in a fun way. =)

  2. sorry “where” is ment to be “wear”.

  3. Also, we act like pirates, (example, “ahoy”!, “bottle o’ rum”, “we got rough tides at sea”, etc. I think you sir and the clan will love is event i made up. =) It would be funny while we were doing this event, that everyone not in the clan will be like “wow”, “what the **** lol”. I think this event will go a long way and hopfully add more people in the clan =)

  4. In addition, you can have drunk fights at someones house in their pirate uniform, drink a few pints, get drunk then fight in the combat ring at someones house =)

  5. items you need are:

    as much beer as you want:

    anything considered pirate uniform:

    4+ people with pirate uniform:

    clan cape:

    looking forward to see comments and say what you think =)

  6. Looking forward to playing it! when do you think we will??? please get respond as soon as possible. 🙂 thank you angel and ant klay.


    • General ant klay and I hope to have this new clan event up and running by the end of the week.

      Thank you for your participation!


  7. No problem Aggr4ssive and Angel of old. Just trying to keep the clan amused =)

    Thanks for comments


  8. antIf it is on the weekend I would love to join. sound fun. good idea Ant.

    • thx logan pike, much appriciated =)

  9. Has anyone noticed that the clan citadel is locked, aparently not enough people visited it last week and now it can only be unlocked if five members try to enter it. which kinda sucks because usually not enough players are on, not to mention they added a new thing into the citadels thats kinda like a theater for acting and they added new emotes that can only be used in the theater. I really want to try it out so if we could get 5 mems to enter the citadel tht would b great! 🙂

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