Team Teleport

Players required: 4+

Skill Levels required:

Minimum – Level 25 magic.

Quests required:


Items required:

– Runes for teleportation, often provided by a ranking officer – for free magic exp. (Teleport tablets will now work for Team Teleport, due to a different transport time.)

– Full clan uniform. (Tier 2, preferred.)

Gameplay –

As a team, decide upon the desired teleport location (to accommodate the lowest magic level). Members gather in the city center with the needed runes for teleportation. Next, players must decide on a ‘Counter’ (someone to count off the teleport). Once the ‘Counter’ is determined, players create a formation.

Examples of clan formations:

(Note: Some formations require more than 4 players…a lot more.)

Once in formation, the Counter begins to count to 3 (if he/she feels the other players are ready). On 3, the team teleports to the predetermined city in unison. If done correctly, a team teleport can be VERY impressive.



Other ways to play Team Teleport –

  • Come up with new teleport formations. Like your new formation? Submit it for a prize!
  • Use different means of teleportaion. (Ancients, tablets, explorer rings, etc.)

  (Note: players must all use the same method of teleportaion.)

  • Try teleporting in rapid sequence. (*teleport*   -Varrock-   *teleport*   -Falador-   *teleport*   -Ardougne-   …)

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