What is the clan motto?

Vita, Veritas, Victoria! Alis grave nil.

What does the clan motto mean?

Life, Truth, Victory! Nothing is heavy to those who have wings.

How do I climb in rank?

Ranks are earned through an active clan membership with the display of Clan Loyalty.

What is Clan Loyalty?

Clan Loyalty includes everything from being active in the clan, to helping fellow members, attending clan meetings, organizing clan events, completing clan quests, showing Clan Spirit, and being a respectable contribution to the clan.

What are clan meetings?

Clan meetings are mostly for newer clan members to get them informed about how the clan works. All members are more than welcome to attend if so desired.

(NOTE: A full clan uniform if required for the attendance of all clan meetings.)

When are clan meetings?

Clan meetings are usually held on the weekends (when most players are online) around 8:00pm, Standard Pacific time.

Where are clan meetings?

Clan meetings are usually held in the Clan Camp tent, south of Falador – World 9.



  1. Sir i may have to re print screen my character =( …….. Because I GOT VARROCK ARMOUR 2!!!! =D !!!!

  2. ill meet you on runescape as soon as possible =)

  3. Sir, how do i collect my skill rewards? should i have another clanmember watch me gain the level, or should i tell you when i gain it?

    • Skill rewards will be provided by myself – no witnesses are needed if you inform me of your skill level goals, 5 levels prior. I will check your levels – pre and post.

  4. yes sir thanks =)

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