Start point: Begin by speaking to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park. Begin by speaking to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park.
Members only: Yes
Official difficulty: Intermediate Intermediate
Length: Long (teleports make it much shorter)
Quest.png Quests:
  • 33 Quest Points
  • Recruitment Drive
    • Black Knights’ Fortress
    • Druidic Ritual
  • Rune Mysteries
  • Priest in Peril
  • Partial Completion of The Lost Tribe (you only need to reach Dorgeshuun)
  • Ghosts Ahoy (optional)

Required Items:

  • 10,000 coins ((or a Law rune, a Slayer gem (bought from a Slayer Master)) and some Molten glass)
  • 20 un-noted Rune essence or Pure essence (Can be obtained easily during quest)
  • A light source, preferably a Seers’ headband
  • Tinderbox if you go to the Dorgeshuun mines (not needed if using headband)

Recommended items:

  • Amulet of Glory and Ring of duelling
  • Some Teleport runes/Teletabs and Ectophial are also helpful.
  • Some food would be a good idea for when Solus Dellagar almost kills you, and when you go into the Lumbridge Swamp underground.
  • At least started A Fairy Tale Part II so you use teleportation rings to easily go to the areas needed (optional)
Enemies to defeat:
  • A level 33 Black Knight and a level 32 Black Knight
  • Solus Dellagar (who is about the same as a Black Knight)

IntroductionEdit Introduction section

A dangerous, exiled criminal called Solus has returned once more to threaten the civilised lands of RuneScape.

The White Knights responsible for dealing with this threat don’t seem capable of meeting the challenge… perhaps some adventurer can succeed where they have failed?

Use all of your tracking skills, and a little Temple Knight technology, to track him down and bring this criminal to justice once and for all!

A tiny problem with the old dossierEdit A tiny problem with the old dossier section

First, speak with Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park. Ask if he has any jobs for you yet.

He lets you know the White Knights made “a tiny blunder” and that you’re not actually permitted to join the Temple Knights if you’re not in the order of the White Knights. It turns out you have to work as a squire for five years… or try Sir Tiffy’s different solution to the problem.

Tell him you are interested and he will mention a loophole which will let you in, now ask about the Wanted quest, and he well tell you to go see Sir Amik Varze who can be found on the third floor of the tower on the White Knights’ Castle west side.

Definitely not some kind of elaborate hoaxEdit Definitely not some kind of elaborate hoax sectionEdit

Find Sir Amik Varze on the third floor of the castle and talk to him;After a short conversation, he asks you to become a squire, decline his offer and continue the conversation; Sir Amik tells you that there needs to be a crisis for you to be deputised directly as a White Knight.

Note: If you accept Sir Amik’s offer to become a squire, he will ask you to get him an Asgarnian ale. At this point, you have to go speak with Sir Tiffy again to continue on with the quest.

Go report back to Sir Tiffy what Amik said and Sir Tiffy will tell you about a particularly vicious and dangerous criminal, after the conversation with Sir Tiffy, head back to Sir Amik and speak with him about the criminal.

Note: Sir Tiffy sometimes does not say anything about a crisis. If so, you have to talk to him and then go back to Sir Amik.

Sir Amik tells you the news that a criminal named Solus Dellagar is back, the “infamous murder-mage.”, Continue through this conversation as well, and accept the mission. Sir Amik now makes you a fully deputised White Knight.

The Temple Knight Communication OrbEdit The Temple Knight Communication Orb section

(A player scanning with the Commorb.)

Return to Sir Tiffy, and speak with him. Turns out that you’re just an agent who will track Dellagar down for a recovery team to capture the evil mage, Tiffy will mention that you need a device called a Commorb- which you can either have Tiffy make (By giving him a Law rune,a slayer gem, and a molten glass), or by giving him 10,000 coins. Give him the money/items and he will give you the Temple Knight Communication Orb, which is needed throughout the quest. Tiffy now asks you to contact your information operative, Savant.
You have several options for controlling your Commorb:

Scan: Once in range, you can scan for Solus Dellagar to find him.

Contact: Allows you to contact Savant. Savant is a Temple Knight agent who helps you defeat Solus Dellagar. She can only be seen in the Commorb, though her real location is hidden.

Use: Just your normal, everyday use option.

Playback: Give you your current and past assignments.

Contact Savant using the Commorb. She tells you that you should investigate the Taverley Dungeon where the Black Knights supposedly are and you should also take a look at the Zamorak mage that is interested in Runecrafting.

Down in the dungeonEdit Down in the dungeon section

Head over to the Taverley Dungeon. If you start from the western bank in Falador, use the agility shortcut south-west of the bank and head north-west till you see the Taverley Dungeon ladder, just south of Taverley.

Climb down the ladder, head north past the Skeletons, and open the gate on the right, in between the level 19 Suits of Armour. Go east, and then head south, past the Magic axes, Poison Scorpions, Chaos dwarves, and finally the Hill giants and into the Black Knight’s rooms.

Make your way to the south-western-most room to find Lord Daquarius. Talk to him, but he won’t help you. Savant advises you not to try to bluff him into giving you something. Go kill a level 33 Black Knight, however, and Daquarius will give in, begging you not to kill any more of his men. Be warned: if your combat level is 67 or lower, the knights will be aggressive towards you, making it difficult to talk to Lord Daquarius.

Talk to him again, and he tells you that Solus is in a place with a lot of fur that is not Bear fur.

Note: It won’t count if you kill a Black Knight before talking to Lord Daquarius, leave after killing a Black Knight, or get interrupted during the ensuing conversation.

Trade for information with the Zamorak mage

Grab twenty unnoted Rune essence or Pure essence and make your way to the south-east corner of Varrock, and talk to the Mage of Zamorak at the altar of Zamorak about Solus Dellagar. (Just South of the East Bank in Varrock.)

Note: If you have not already started the Abyss (miniquest), you will first have to talk to the Zamorak Mage north of Edgeville. You can find him at the end of the river, just north of Edgeville but he will say the Wilderness isn’t a place to talk so he tells you to meet him at the altar of Zamorak.

Note: He will not speak to you if you are wearing items from other gods, such as Guthix armour, Void Knight equipment, or Saradomin armour.

The Zamorak mage offers to trade what he knows about Solus for your Commorb, but Savant stops you. He then offers to trade his information for twenty unnoted Rune or Pure essence. Talk to the mage again, and trade him the twenty unnoted Rune/Pure essences. You must give him twenty Rune/Pure essence in one time for him to accept them. He tells you somewhat unhelpfully that Solus is east of the mage. Savant reminds you that Daquaris said Solus is with furry animals of some kind. Your character then very smartly figures out Solus Dellagar is in Canifis.

Chasing Solus DellagarEdit Chasing Solus Dellagar section

Now head to Canifis.

Once you enter the village of werewolves, Savant contacts you and says she is going to scan for Solus. She tells you a bit about a teleporting experiment and suggests you scan for Solus.

Choose the Scan option with your Commorb as you walk around Canifis until you uncover Solus.

Solus briefly appears, speaks with you, and disappears. Savant then appears and gives you a clue to Solus’s next whereabouts.

From this point on, you’ll be chasing Solus throughout Gielinor, and each time you find him you’ll receive an item in your inventory. That item is a hint for where to go next. The items appear in random order, so below is a list of items that you may receive, along with the location the item is a hint for:

Solus’s Flames of Zamorak spell nearly killing a player.
  • Banana: Musa Point banana plantation. Solus may teleport you to Camelot.
  • Blue cape: Champion’s Guild. Solus will throw some smoke in your face, blinding you until Savant is done talking. Although Savant says that the smoke is highly poisonous, the player will not receive poison damage.
  • Bone spear: Dorgeshuun Mines. You’ll find a “poor maiden kidnapped by the evil Solus,” who turns out to be Solus himself, who will sucker punch you and leave.
  • Cape (blue): Champion’s Guild. Solus may teleport you to Camelot. (You may need to step inside of the guild for the scan to work)
  • Castle Wars Ticket: Castle Wars. Solus may attack you and teleport you to another location.
  • Cream Hat: Grand Tree. Solus may teleport you to Camelot
  • Cream Robe: Tree Gnome Stronghold, near the top of the Grand Tree.
  • Earmuffs: Canifis Slayer Tower. Solus may teleport you to Camelot.
  • Eye patch: Brimhaven pub. Solus may teleport you to Camelot.
  • Fake beard: Ali Morrisane’s stall in Al-Kharid. Solus may summon a level 32 Black Knight.
  • Fremennik Cloak: Rellekka.
  • Fur: Ardougne Market. Solus may sharply reduce your lifepoints or summon a level 32 Black Knight. There is a bug where you can get the black knight stuck and can summon another one by scanning again before the next talk. With multiple out they can attack you, even though this isn’t a multi-combat area. Solus may also teleport you to Camelot.
  • Giant Frog Legs: Lumbridge Swamp Caves, specifically the southern bit with the level 99 Big frogs. Be sure to bring a Lightsource. Solus may teleport you to Camelot or summon a level 32 Black Knight.
  • Goblin Mail: Goblin Village. Solus may teleport you to Camelot.
  • Greenman’s ale: Yanille pub. Solus may attack you or teleport you away.
  • Pure Essence, twenty noted: Rune Essence mines. The last location to scan with your Commorb.
  • Red vine worm: McGrubor’s Wood, Solus may teleport you to Camelot
  • Toy horsey: Draynor Village, near Diango. Solus may teleport you to Camelot.
  • Unholy Symbol: Scorpius Shrine, north of the Observatory with all the ghosts. May teleport you to Camelot.
  • Wizard hat: Wizards’ Tower. He may attack you or teleport you to a random location.


  • At one point, when you find Solus Dellagar (around the third encounter), he will become irritated by your perseverance and use a particularly strong Flames of Zamorak spell to critically lower your life points. The amount of damage you take depends on your current life points, and can go as high as 960 (at full health with level 99 Constitution). Protect from magic cannot block the spell, but Savant will fortunately prevent the spell from killing you (you will still be severely damaged). You will be teleported back to Falador, in the White Knight’s Castle with all of your items.
  • Solus may also teleport you to various places, most commonly Camelot.
  • Prior to your getting the clue of twenty noted Rune Essence/Pure Essence, Solus will summon a level 32 Black Knight to take you out. You may kill the knight if you wish; however, it does not matter, as it will disappear if you leave the scanning area.
  • After you finish this quest, you keep every item you receive from this section.

Eventually, you get the noted Rune Essence clue, so head off to

after which Solus casts Ice Barrage on the White Knight rangers.

whichever Rune Essence mineteleport spot you want.

Upon entering the mine, you view a cutscene where Savant summons fifteen rangers to attack but Solus Dellagar kills them all with Ice Barrage, dealing 700 damage to each Temple Knight. After that, the cutscene ends, and Solus is greatly weakened. Finish off Solus Dellagar yourself.

Solus is fairly easy, with no specific combat level, 540 life points, and only uses melee due to being weakened. Once he is defeated, you receive his hat in your inventory. Return to Falador, talk to Sir Amik Varze, and hand over Solus’s hat.

Congratulations. Quest complete!

Talk to Sir Amik again, who will explain about the knight-ranking system and killing Black Knights.

RewardsEdit Rewards section

Wanted Reward

  • 5,000 Slayer experience
  • Access to the armoury of the White Knights
  • 1 Quest Point
  • 20 Noted Pure/Rune essence and the other items (from chasing Solus)

Start point: Talk to Mord Gunnars in northern Rellekka Talk to Mord Gunnars in northern Rellekka
Members only: Yes
Official difficulty: Experienced Experienced
Length: Medium-Long depending on how you are equipped
Quest.png Quests:
  • 20 Construction-icon.png Construction
  • 56 Woodcutting-icon.png Woodcutting )
  • 46 Crafting-icon.png Crafting (can be boosted with crafting potion)
  • 40 Agility-icon.png Agility (35 with a Summer pie)
  • 43 Prayer-icon.png Prayer Not required but helpful
Items required:
  • Raw tuna (can be fished south of the bank in Jatizso or with 42 theiving, it can be stolen from a fish stall)
  • A number of a type of ore (mining lv. 1-29: 8 tin. mining lv. 30-54: 7 coal. mining lv. 55+: 6 Mithril ore.) noted ore works.
  • 8 ropes (can be obtained during quest) 1 extra rope if you make the fremennik round shield yourself.
  • Woodcutting hatchet
  • 8 Split log (only if you are under 54 woodcutting)
  • 1 bronze nail (can be bought during quest for 7 coins)
  • Mining pickaxe
  • Knife (sacred clay knife will not work)
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Yak hide armour (Must be made during Quest)
  • Fremennik round shield (can be made during the quest if you have 54 woodcutting or bought from the GE)
  • Hammer
  • Good armour and food for final battle
Enemies to defeat:
  • 10 Ice trolls (level 82)
  • Ice Troll King (level 122)

Area OverviewEdit Area Overview section

The Fremennik Isles is a collection of islands interconnected by bridges. The map below shows the islands and their interconnections. There are two major villages on the islands: Neitiznot and Jatizso. The teleport locations show the landing docks that can be reached from the most northern dock in Rellekka using the appropriate ferry operator. The numbers on the map represent the following locations relevant during the quest:

Quest map
  1. The court of King Gjuki Sorvott IV
  2. The court of King Mawnis Burowgar
  3. A bridge that needs repairs
  4. Another bridge that needs repairs
  5. Entrance to the Troll Cave for the final battle.

At any time during the quest it is possible to travel around all islands, although the northern isles host significant numbers of hard hitting Trolls. Crossing the bridges before their repair may result in falling down into the water.

King Gjuki Sorvott IVEdit King Gjuki Sorvott IV section

Items needed: raw tuna, one of either 6 tin ore (level 1-27 mining), 7 coal (28-54 mining), 6 mithril ore (55+ mining)

King Sorvott’s court
  • Talk to Mord Gunnars at the northern most dock in Rellekka to be taken to Jatizso.
  • Talk to the King, but the cat, HRH Hrafn, keeps interrupting. The king asks you to get the cat a raw tuna.
  • Alternatively, one can use the Amulet of Catspeak to talk to the King’s cat. The cat will proceed to tell the player that he requests a raw tuna.
Via Catspeak Amulet, His Royal Highness Hrafn requests a tuna
  • Give the raw tuna to the King’s cat, and talk to the King.
  • The king will tell you that some dwarves from Keldagrim are here for a shipment of ore, and the matter needs sorting before matters can continue. He will tell you to mine some ore.
  • Give the king the ores you are assigned (tin ore if mining level 1-29, 7 coal ore if 30-54, 6 mithril ore if 55+). If needed, these ores can be mined at the cave below the village. It is accessible by exiting the west gate and going north east. Enter the dungeon and mine the ores. Tin Ore and Copper ore also can be bought from Hring Hring. The King’s reward for the ores consists of some coins. (e.g. The 6 Mithril ores pay 5000 gp in total) Noted ores work just fine.
  • Take the Silly jester clothing from the chest behind the king’s throne.
  • The king will tell you the password, which is what low level players usually say: free stuff please
  • Head back to Rellekka so you can take a ferry to Neitiznot from Mord’s wife, Maria Gunnars,who stands next to him.

King Mawnis BurowgarEdit King Mawnis Burowgar section

Items needed: Jester clothing

King Burowgar’s court
  • Talk to Slug Hemligssen, behind the bank. He’ll give the assignment to listen in only wearing the Silly jester clothing. (Get the Silly jester clothing from the chest located in the room where the king of Jatizso resides.)
Jester Controls
  • Talk to Mawnis Burowgar while wearing the jester costume and entertain him – do everything he says using the jester control panel shown in the picture. Keep an eye on the guards exchange:
When do we assault the caves?
In two days
Good. How many recruits are ready?
Seventeen so far.
More shields are completed by noon.
And the armour?
I will finish the armour by tomorrow.
And the two bridges we need repaired.
I will fix them as soon as I can.
  • Back to Slug, and answer his questions. They will be about what the guards talked about. The answers to the three questions: in 2 days, 17 militia, 2 bridges. He will reward you with 2500 coins.
  • Back to the Mawnis Burowgar, without the jester costume this time.

Bridge RepairsEdit Bridge Repairs section

  • Give the Mawnis Burowgar 8 rope. If you don’t have any, kill Yaks for 8 Yak hair and spin the hair on the village’s spinning wheel (in the south east of the island) to make rope. The King will let you keep the rope, and will reward you with 1000 coins. If you have the ropes in your inventory when you visit him to ask what needs to be done, a humourous conversation takes place about how it is a coincidence that you happened to have rope already in your inventory and after he questions whether he really can trust you, your character quickly makes the excuse that he/she is a rope salesman.
  • Go and cut 8 arctic pine logs, and split them on the woodcutting stump north of the village, across the rope bridge. If you don’t own a hatchet, the crafting store inside the bank building sells bronze hatchets. Go to the king and show him the split logs and you will receive another 1500 coins. After that you will be able to repair the bridges. Alternatively the logs can be bought from the Grand Exchange, though this can take a while.
  • With your rope, split logs, and knife, repair the bridges (right click) to the north (you need level 20 construction and 40 Agility so bring your potions if you need them). Be warned; you may be attacked by high-level, hard-hitting trolls. It is best to repair a bridge, then go back across it and repair the other bridge from the same side rather than repairing the bridge from the opposite side, as it means you will not have to run past the trolls. The female ice trolls use Ranged. WARNING: If you are being attacked by a ice troll female when you start the bridge repairs, THE DAMAGE YOU TAKE WILL NOT SHOW UP UNTIL YOU ARE FINISHED. Meaning you can easily die while repairing the bridge and not even know you were taking damage.
  • Go back to talk to Mawnis Burowgar again, he’ll pay another 1500 coins for repairing the bridges. Now the request is to investigate the troll caves. But first you need to make sure that the other king does not take the raid on the trolls in the wrong way.

Tax CollectorEdit Tax Collector section

King Gjuki Sorvott IV
  • Use boat to go back to Rellekka and use Mord’s ferry service to return to King Sorvott on Jatizso.
  • King Gjuki Sorvott IV requires a tax collector for his new window tax which needs to pay for the expenses of the army, and will give you an Empty tax bag.

Note: Players are given the option to pay Vanligga Gastfrihet’s taxes for her, and they are strongly encouraged to do so, since this will allow them access to her Yak-good shop, which is very useful. Moreover, players can refund to her later after no longer being a tax collector if you do not pay taxes for her.

  • Visit the shopkeepers at the armourer’s hut (8000 coins), weapon-smith hut (6000 coins), eating hall (5000 coins) and the fish shop (5000 coins). A total of 24000 coins.
  • Go back to king Sorvott, who now requires a tax collector for the newly invented “facial hair tax”. Find Raum Urda-Stein (Armour Trader, tax payer), Hring Hring (ore trader, tax payer), Skuli Myrka (weapon trader, tax payer), Flosi Dalksson (raw fish seller, pays tax) and Keepa Kettilon (cook, has a moustache, pays tax); each pays 1000 coins (Vanligga, naturally, has no tax to pay). The tax bag now contains 29000 coins. The same taxpayer options apply as in the previous tax collection round.(Note that you might get a different tax such as 1k for each window.)

Note: If you try to tax Magnus Gram, at the bank, an amusing exchange follows where he threatens to charge the player for bank services! Also, if you attempt to tax the wandering begger he will chuck a cabbage at you as it is all he has. The king will not take this as payment.

  • Return to the King. The taxes are finally enough. Now the King requires more spying assistance. So, its time to return to Slug the spymaster in Neitiznot.

The Jester Part 2Edit The Jester Part 2 section

  • Return to Slug once more, only to get an assignment as jester again.
  • A rough capture of the guards exchange:
Dance for Burowgar
What do you think of the new Burgher’s Champion?
He/She seems honourable and courageous to me.
What about their collaboration with King Sorvott?
Well, I trust Mord Gunnars and he works for the King.
And the Champion was helping you to repair the bridges.
Well yes. So are your militia ready?
I have them anchored near Etceteria.
Then I shall sail our potions to them tonight.
So are we ready to sail at dawn?
Absolutely, long live Burgher Burowgar.
And may the Troll king be short lived.
  • Now return to Slug and bring out a report. The answers are: near Etceteria, some potions, I have been helping Neitiznot. Slug is pleased with the answers and pays another 2500 coins.
  • Slug suggests to visit King Sorvott and give an update on the spying progress so return to Jatizso.

Traditional Fremennik RitesEdit Traditional Fremennik Rites section

  • If you have already made or bought the items, this process can be skipped by talking to Burowgar a few more times.
  • King Sorvott gets an update that he is not prepared for, but he won’t listen to sound advice.
  • Get a Royal decree that you need to deliver to Mawnis Burowgar (which cannot be banked).
  • Hop islands again to talk to Mawnis Burowgar, who is obviously disappointed in learning the decree from King Sorvott. As leader of his troops, go through the ancient Neitiznot warrior rites.
  • First make a Yak hide armour. Get three Yak hides and have them cured by Thakkrad Sigmundson for a fee of 5 coins per hide. Take needle and thread from the bank and craft the cured yak hides into Yak-hide chaps (1 hide) and into a Yak-hide body (2 hides). Each hide gives 32 crafting experience.

Now you can buy the Yak-hide armour (top and bottom) and the Fremennik round shield very cheap from the grand exchange then speak to Mawnis Burowgar two more times to get the assignment, or follow the few steps below.

  • Note: The Yak-hide body and Yak-hide chaps MUSTbe crafted by you in order for Thakkrad to reply to you.
    • Thakkrad states “Then I will give you instruction on how this hide may be crafted into a thick jerkin, ideal for protecting yourself from the granite clubs that the trolls of these isles prefer to wield”.
  • Talk to Mawnis Burowgar again to learn how to make a large Fremennik round shield.
  • Making the shield requires two arctic logs, one bronze nail, a hammer and a rope. The crafting store beside the bank chests sells bronze nails and hammers; if you lack a rope you can make it with Yak Hair as previously described. Craft the shield on the woodcutting stump located north of town, yielding 34 crafting experience.
    • Player is told the shield protects against the stones thrown by the trolls.
  • Return to Mawnis Burowgar one more time to get the assignment to kill the Ice Troll King and deliver his head.

The First 10 Ice TrollsEdit The First 10 Ice Trolls section

Ice Troll King bridge
  • WARNING: Due to unfixed bugs, players with LootShare active WILL NEVER make any progress towards the 10 troll kills NO MATTER HOW THEY FIGHT THE TROLLS until it is deactivated. The same bug applies to numerous other quests which deals with Multicombat areas.
  • The ice trolls use melee and ranged attacks. The Troll males, grunts, and runts melee, while the females range. You must kill 10 of them in the Ice Troll Caves before you can face the Ice Troll king.
  • Killing the 10 ice trolls has been found to be much more difficult than killing the Ice Troll King himself.
  • At any time you wish to know how many ice trolls you have left to kill, simply look in your Quest Journal.
  • Note: You cannot enter the Ice Troll Caves with a summoning familiar.
  • Ice troll attacks are very accurate, easily hitting through even high-level armour. Yak-hide armour and the Fremennik round shield, although being relatively low-level armour, are EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE against their attacks. (The body and legs provide melee protection. The shield reduces a lot of the damage from ranging, similar to how an anti-dragon shield is effective against dragon breath.) The only other items to bring are a cape, gloves, boots, a helmet, an amulet, and the one handed melee weapon of your choice.
  • If you plan to melee without wearing yak-hide armour and the Fremennik shield, also bring a super set, prayer potions, and good food. It is easy to die in the caves. Consider taking an Emergency teleport (e.g., Ectophial, Elf teleport crystal, or any Magic tablet).
  • There is a safespot behind some statlagmites to the right of the door where you can sit and wait for your teammates to kill ten of the trolls.
  • The cave entrance is in the eastern part of the northernmost isle. As you proceed north, the number of Trolls increases. Use Protect from Melee if you brought the Fremennik round shield, NOT Protect from Missiles, as that combination will reduce damage tremendously. Try to save enough run energy for an eastward sprint to the cave entrance.
  • After entering the cave, a cut scene follows. The Honour guards from King Burowgar help with killing 10 trolls before the Champion can cross the bridge to assault the Ice Troll King. Their support can be useful, as the trolls are in a multi-combat area with ranged and melee trolls teaming up to inflict a lot of damage.
  • Bork Sigmundson is near the cave entrance and gives you up to 8 Tuna, 2 4-dose Strength potions, and/or 4 3-dose Prayer potions upon request. If there is not enough inventory space, then the player gets enough to fill the pack and does not get any more. Players can make only one request for each supply. Simply talk to him.
  • One strategy is to head straight south to the bridge. Trolls using melee attack in a single file there. Two respawn nearby. (Note that the spot is not out of reach for the female Troll rangers. The Fremennik shield reduces their maximum damage to 20 points per hit, but it can still add up.) Use Protect from Melee.
  • An alternative strategy is to use Protect from Missiles and kill the female trolls, instead. Stay away from the troll males, grunts, and runts. If possible, position yourself so that the female you’re attacking is between you and the males, grunts, or runts. The females do not melee, even if you’re right next to them. They continue to range.
  • Finally, one of the easiest strategies, especially if you are a low level, is to take your fellow Honour guards’ troll, when it is near death. It will still count as your kill if you finish it off, however, every troll near-by, including the one you are attacking, will target you. Use Protect from Melee or Protect from Missiles.
  • When you have killed 10 trolls, a line appears in the game message interface stating that you can now cross the bridge to the Ice troll King.
  • In some cases you only need to land a hit on the trolls and allow the guards to finish them off, as it still counts as a kill.
  • Note: You can always leave when your supplies are low and come back. Credit for your kills is not lost.

The Ice Troll KingEdit The Ice Troll King section

  • The Ice Troll King has a combat level of 122 and uses a powerful mix of attacks (melee, range, and magic, including teleport). Use Protect from Missiles or Protect from Magic when fighting him. Protect from Magic is preferable if wearing yak-hide armour and using the Fremennik shield. Fremennik armour decreases damage from his melee and ranged attacks, but does not address his magic attacks.
  • Never use Protect from Melee against the Ice Troll King. He has a special attack that knocks the player into the wall and deals up to 250 damage. Using Protect from Missiles or Protect from Magic prayer negates this attack completely.
  • When crossing the bridge, a short cut scene plays. When it ends, the Ice Troll King has the benefit of the first strike, so turn on the Protect from Magic or Protect from Missiles prayer before crossing bridge. Eat and restore prayer before crossing the bridge, if needed, as well.
  • The Ice Troll King is very difficult to hit with ranged and magic attacks. Since he is a troll, naturally he has high defence against magic and ranged. The Dragon dagger’s special attack can be very useful in quickly bringing the Ice Troll King’s health down. Use all the special attacks at the beginning of the battle.
  • A Ring of recoil works against the Ice Troll King’s melee and magic attacks.
  • One strategy that usually makes this battle fairly easy is to wear yak-hide armour and Fremennik shield combined with the Protect from Magic prayer. This combination limits the damage he can do quite effectively.
  • Since the king does not move, another strategy is to use a halberd (rune or better) and to use the prayer that supplements your lowest defence bonus (still between ranged and magic, of course). Stand one square away from him. This strategy may require more food, since a shield cannot be wielded with a halberd.
  • Yet another strategy is to use hit-and-run. It is possible to run in, strike, then run out of his melee range before the king can strike back.
  • When using a Super set and a dragon weapon of some kind, he can be killed in about a minute.
  • After killing the Ice Troll King, get the Decapitated head from the body. No particular weapon or knife is required for this step. If the head is lost, just go back and decapitate him again (No need to fight the Ice Troll King again). (When you fully exit the caves and then return to them it will automatically take you to the kings chamber. Where you can claim your new found prize.). Note that the head cannot be banked.
  • Using a teleport to exit the caves avoids risking death running past all the other trolls, especially if food or prayer ran out during the fight. The Enchanted lyre is particularly handy. Feel free to walk back if you still have food and prayer, however.
  • The Ice Troll King is immune to the Dwarven Multicannon. Don’t even bother to bring one because it won’t damage him.
  • Talk to King Burowgar. After giving him the Ice Troll King head, the player is offered two 10,000 experience rewards to any two of Attack, Strength, Defence, or Constitution. The player can select the same skill twice if desired. The king then gives the player his Helm of Neitiznot. After a bit more dialogue, the quest is complete!
    Mawnis Burowgar gives you his helmet!

RewardsEdit Rewards section

Fremennik Isles Reward

  • 1 Quest point
  • 5,000 Construction-icon.png Experience
  • 5,000 Crafting-icon.png Experience
  • 10,000 Woodcutting-icon.png Experience
  • Two times 10,000 combat experience (choose between Strength, Attack, Defence or Constitution)
  • A Fremennik royal helm also known as the Helm of Neitiznot, which is the equivalent of a Berserker helm with a +3 prayer bonus, slightly better mage and crush defence, and no negative bonuses. If a player has lost the helm, talk to Burogwar to buy another for 50k coins.
  • Access to new tree (Arctic Pine)
  • Access to a runite vein north east of Neitiznot, which also has 7 coals nearby
  • Also new mine near Jatizso with ores up to adamantite ore.
  • 14,000 coins in assorted rewards during quest
  • A cabbage from Eric if you decide to tax him
  • If the jester outfit is lost, a player can retrieve another one from the chest behind King Sorvott’s throne. The jester outfit cannot be put into the clothes room of a player owned house.
  • The ability to make Yak hide armour which protects against the granite clubs wielded by the trolls and the shield protects against the stones thrown by the trolls
  • Contraband yak produce is available on Jatizso if a player refunds the 5,000 coin tax to Vannligga Gastfrihet who is north of the king. Yak-hide: 55 coins, Raw yak meat: 2, and Hair: 2.
  • Any leftover Tuna, Prayer, or Strength Potions, belong to you.
  • When you talk to Ned in Draynor, to buy some new rope, every time you’ll have a conversation that explains why the rope is not made out of wool, where Ned gets his rope, and why he doesn’t make rope anymore, plus a free extra rope every time you buy one from him.

Start point: Talk to the guards just outside of the Legends' Guild. Talk to the guards just outside of the Legends’ Guild.
Members only: Yes
Official difficulty: Master Master

Length:Extremely long (Can take 4-8 hours, depending on degree of preparation. Considerably less if your stats meet the requirements and you have the items and supplies required ahead of time, as well as having read the guide for a general understanding of the quest. It is highly recommended you gather the supplies needed prior to starting) At high levels with beast of burdens the quest can be completed in as little as 1.5 hours.

Quest.png Quests:
  • Highly recommend you complete Regicide prior to Legends for the ability to use the Dragon Halberd, allowing you to kill some bosses through safe spots


  • 50, or 45 with a summer pie boost Agility-icon.png Agility (You can start the quest without it)
  • 50 Crafting-icon.png Crafting
  • 45 (or 39) Herblore-icon.png Herblore (You can start the quest without it though)
  • 56 Magic-icon.png Magic
  • 52 Mining-icon.png Mining
  • 42 Prayer-icon.png Prayer (43 Prayer is highly recommended for access to Protect from Melee)
  • 50 Smithing-icon.png Smithing (You can start the quest without it as well)
  • 50 Strength-icon.png Strength
  • 50 Thieving-icon.png Thieving (you can start the quest without it too)
  • 50 Woodcutting-icon.png Woodcutting

A high combat level is recommended e.g.

  • 75 CombatSwords.PNG Combat (However, with Protect from Melee and several prayer potions, a player may take as little as no damage in every combat situation throughout this quest)

Items required:

  • 2-3 Charcoal (Can be obtained during the quest)
  • 2 Gold bars
  • Machete (Any type, can be obtained during quest)
  • Hammer(Sacred Clay Also Works)
  • Hatchet (must be rune or dragon)
  • Lockpick or Hair clip (several, in case they break; however, breaking is unlikely at and above level 50 thieving)
  • Pickaxe
  • Clean snake weed
  • Clean ardrigal
  • Rope
  • Unpowered orb (2)
  • Vial of water
  • Cut Opal
  • Cut Jade
  • Cut Red topaz
  • Cut Sapphire
  • Cut Emerald
  • Cut Ruby
  • Cut Diamond
  • 3-5 Papyrus (Can be obtained during quest)
  • Runes (Combination runes don’t work)
  • In the English version (spells SMELL):
  • 1 Soul rune
  • 1 Mind rune
  • 1 Earth rune
  • 2 Law runes
  • In the German version (spells LEBEN):
  • 1 Air rune
  • 2 Earth runes
  • 1 Blood rune
  • 1 Nature rune
  • In the French version (spells LAMES):
  • 1 Law rune
  • 1 Air rune
  • 1 Death rune
  • 1 Mind rune
  • 1 Blood rune
  • In the Portuguese version (spells FATAL):
  • 1 Fire rune
  • 1 Water rune
  • 1 Earth rune
  • 1 Air rune
  • 1 Law rune
  • Player’s choice of charge orb spell runes/staves (possibly enough for 2; more to be safe)
  • Runes for spellbook swap, if on Lunar spellbook (can’t be completed if on Ancients)

Recommended Items:

  • Some coins (typically for travel expenses)
  • Several Prayer Potions (43+ prayer for Protect from Melee is highly recommended)
  • Various combat potions such as Super attack, Super strength, and Super defence potions.
  • Food

Optional when fighting the demon:

  • Staff of Iban, Death and Fire runes (Iban Blast is very effective, with no negative magic bonuses)
  • Halberd (rune or dragon, for weak players; can attack from a safe spot)
Enemies to defeat:
  • Nezikchened – Level 187 (Three times)
  • Ranalph Devere – Level 92 (Possibly twice)
  • Irvig Senay – Level 100 (Possibly twice)
  • San Tojalon – Level 106 (Possibly twice)

NOTE: The quest can be started even if the player doesn’t have all the required skills. This is one of the hardest quests in RuneScape, though not as hard as Recipe for Disaster or Desert Treasure. While those quests are harder to complete, this one is quite hard to build the requirements for and it is very long. Alternatively, skill boosts such as Spicy stew can be used for most of the requirements, if not all. Once a player has met all the requirements, though, it’s time to do the quest. Remember, the way to leave Shilo Village on foot is to go out both front gates (Past the Undead Ones) and search the cart.

Getting StartedEdit Getting Started section


* Talk to the guards just outside the Legends’ Guild (Fairy Ring BLR). If they think players are worthy, they’ll send them through the gates to talk to Radimus Erkleto get their assignment.

  • Radimus gives the player some notes, listing a few tasks to do:
    • Complete the map of the Kharazi Jungle.
    • Meet up with the local friendly natives.
    • Bring a gift from the jungle locals to be displayed in the guild.
  • Before leaving, grab a machete from the cupboard and at least 3 papyrus from the desk. (Both of these can be bought from the general store in Shilo Village too, but these are free.)
Note: If players stand outside the guild, they can see two Radimus Erkles at the same time.

Mapping the JungleEdit Mapping the Jungle section

The jungle is very dense.

Items to complete this part of the quest: Radimus notes, machete, hatchet, 3-5 papyrus, 2-3 Charcoal. Armour, weapons, and food may be useful due to some aggressive level 64 wolves. Players need a crafting level of 50 to draw the map. The general store in Shilo Village sells charcoal and papyrus if players need to buy some before leaving for the jungle. A vial of antipoison is suggested, but not truly needed.

Go to Karamja. Suggested methods:

  • Take a boat for 30 coins (less with discounts) from Ardougne
  • Use a Fairy ring
    • Code CKR to south of Tai Bwo Wannai
    • Code BJR to the Fisher Realm (requires Holy Grail)
    • Code BLP to the TzHaar City inside the volcano
  • Use Amulet of glory teleport to Brimhaven
  • Cross the sea on an Ogre Boat Ride from Feldip Hills (requires Recipe for Disaster – Freeing Skrach Uglogwee); the fare is two chompies
  • Use Gnome glider; use a Spirit tree to get to the Grand Tree
  • Use a Tai bwo wannai teleport scroll
  • Take the Shilo Village cart from Brimhaven to Shilo Village for 10 coins.
  • Use juju teleport spiritbag.
  • Use Witchdoctor mask teleport ability.

Legends kharazi.png

  • 1–4 entrances to the jungle
  • 5 cave entrance
  • 6 holy water
  • 7 totem
  • red lines show areas
  • To get into the Kharazi Jungle, cut through the overgrown jungle vegetation using a hatchet and machete.
  • The fastest way through is either the western or eastern edge of the jungle (marked 1 and 4 on the map, above), depending on the travel method chosen.
  • Make each section of the map by right-clicking Radimus notes and choose Complete Radimus Notes in each part of the jungle (west, centre, and east). It is possible to fail, destroying one papyrus and one charcoal, so bring spares.

Contacting the LocalsEdit Contacting the Locals section

Entrance to Cave.
The ring of fire for Round 1 fight

Items to complete this part of the quest: radimus notes, machete and a hatchet .

  • Head back out of the jungle, and ask any of the Jungle Foresters who wander the edge of the jungle if they have seen any natives. Offer to trade for the item which calls them, then use the completed Radimus notes on the forester. The player gets a Bull roarer.
  • Go into the (Kharazi) jungle and swing the bull roarer to call a local named Gujuo.
  • Players should tell Gujuo that they wish to make friends with the jungle locals. He tells players about his tribe and its totem pole.
  • His tribe needs help because his tribe’s shaman, Ungadulu, who has the special Yommi tree seeds to make a new totem pole, is trapped in caves in the Kharazi jungle. Agree to release Ungadulu.
  • Toward the north-west edge of the jungle are three rocks that form a triangle (marked 5 on the map, above). Search one of the rocks to crawl through a narrow opening to get into the cave (50 agility required). Failing this action damages players for 50 lifepoints, and players must try it again.
Legends dungeon Part1.png
1 = Ungadulu
2 = Bookshelf
3 = Old gate
4 = Death Wings
5 = Jagged Wall
6 = Marked Wall
7 = Old gate
8 = Winch
O = Cut Opal goes here
J = Cut Jade goes here
T = Cut Topaz goes here
S = Cut Sapphire goes here
D = Cut Diamond goes here
R = Cut Ruby goes here
E = Cut Emerald goes here
  • Investigate the flame wall to talk to the shaman. He tells the player that only pure water can quench the flames. But he looks a little strange. (Note: If you touch the flame wall instead of investigating it, you will be hit a minor 10-20 damage)
  • Search the items in the cave to find notes from Ungadulu. Search the crate to find the Scrawled note; search the table to find A scribbled note; and search the bed to find the Scrumpled note. The notes provide a hint to what has happened to Ungadulu.
Evil shaman.PNG

Pure WaterEdit Pure Water section

Pure water Pool

Items to complete this part of the quest: Hammer, 2 (or more) Gold bars, Radimus notes, Bull roarer, Hatchet, Machete, and Pickaxe

  • Once back outside the cave, call Gujuo with the bull roarer. He tells of a pool of sacred water in the middle of the jungle. The water can only be carried in a special vessel that he sketches for the player.
  • Take a hammer and at least two gold bars to any anvil. The closest is in Safta Doc’s hut north of Tai Bwo Wannai. Try to make the gold bowl. It is possible to fail, so to be safe bring more than two bars. Remember: the way to leave Shilo Village on foot is to go out both front gates (Past the Undead Ones) and search the cart.
  • All the required gems can be mined in north-west Shilo Village. If needed, the chisel to cut them can be bought at the general store. If players haven’t mined and cut them yet, they can mine and cut them now.
  • Head back into the jungle and call Gujuo. He helps to bless the gold bowl so that it can carry the pure water. It is possible to fail, costing 5 prayer points with each failure. If players fall below 42 prayer points, Gujuo no longer helps players until they restore prayer points to at least 42.
  • With the Blessed gold bowl, go to the pool of pure water in the middle of the jungle (marked 6 on the map of the jungle, above).
  • Use the machete on the reeds by the edge of the pool to obtain some hollow reeds. Use them to siphon the water into the bowl.
  • The water evaporates in the jungle heat, so players must probably return to fill the bowl again before the coming fight.

Exploring the Shaman’s CaveEdit Exploring the Shaman's Cave section

Note: Chance that combat will be engaged

Smell riddle.PNG
Getting Binding Book

Items to complete this part of the quest: Lockpick (possibly several), Pickaxe, Cut gems: Opal, Jade, Red topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond, and Runes to spell SMELL (soul, mind, earth, 2 law runes for the English version), (If restocking after the gathering of the water, a hatchet, machete and Radimus notes are needed). (If you die in the shaman’s cave you will lose your items and won’t be able to get them back.)

  • Go back to the cave and notice there’s a crevice hidden behind one of the bookshelves.
  • Squeeze through the crevice and cross the cavern to the large Ancient Gate.
  • Search the gate to pick the lock. Failure may cause the lockpick to break, so be sure to bring extras, as the door cannot be picked without one. A Hair clip can be used instead of a lockpick.
  • Next use the pickaxe and Mining to “smash-to-bits” the boulders to a second Ancient Gate. Failure damages Mining level temporarily. (Level 52 Mining is required to smash the rocks.)
  • Force open the second Ancient Gate using Strength. Failuredamages Strength level temporarily. (Level 50 Strength is required to open the door.)
    • Beyond the door are level 83 Deathwings. Killing one accomplishes a hard Karamja task, but it is not necessary to finish the quest.
  • Run further into the cave, and jump over the low, jagged wall. Failure results in 60 damage.
  • On the south-west wall of the cavern is a Marked wall. Search this spot to learn the runes to get through the wall.
    • Use in order the SMELL runes Soul, Mind, Earth, Law, and Law runes on the wall.
  • Walk through the door into a large cavern. The next puzzle is composed of a number of stalagmites sitting in pools of water. Examine one of the stalagmites to see the riddle. Use the gems on each stalagmite. Facing north-west, the order of the gems by value is: opal, jade, topaz, and sapphire down the right column, then emerald, ruby, and diamond down the left column. (See map insert for layout.)
  • When all of the gems are in place, the player is levitated to the centre of the cavern and treated to a light show that leaves behind the Book of Binding. (If players log out during the light show, they need to search the stalagmites to restart it.)
    • This book enables players to bless vials. Filling blessed vials with pure water from the Blessed gold bowl makes vials of Holy water, a stackable ranged projectile useful for fighting demons.
  • Exit the cave.

Fighting the DemonEdit Fighting the Demon section

Round 1.

Items to complete this part of the quest: Blessed gold bowl filled with pure water, Radimus notes, Book of Binding. Silverlight/Darklight and vials of Holy water may be helpful. If using prayer for the fight prayer potions are a must.

  • If required, go back to the bank and resupply.
  • Use the pure water on the fire wall to step through without damage.
  • Use the Book of Binding on Ungadulu to release the demon Nezikchened.
    • The demon is level 187 and drains prayer. Prayer is drained at the beginning of the battle to the sum of the digits of the prayer level before being drained. (For example, 54 after being drained would be 9. Note that your will not be left with more then 10 prayer points after this spell. If the sum of the digits of your prayer level exceeds 10, 10 more prayer points will be drained. For example, 65 after being drained would be 1.)
    • The demon casts a Fire Blast just before dying, so players should keep their LP up so that he doesn’t kill them with his last-ditch attack.
    • Players can lower his stats by hitting him with Silverlight or Darklight (melee) or by throwing Holy water at him (ranged). Players with lower combat levels should use both methods in the beginning of the battle.
    • If the battle takes too long, the demon vanishes, and players must begin again by using the book on Ungadulu.
  • Once the demon is defeated, talk to Ungadulu, who thanks the player with some Yommi tree seeds.
    • If players accidentally attack Ungadulu, he hits them to the wall and deals between 80 and 160 life points damage.
    • Ask him how to get out. He casts a spell to let players walk through the flames. (to do this, right click and use the option “touch firewall”)

Replenishing the Pure WaterEdit Replenishing the Pure Water section

Bravery potion herb locations.png

Items to complete this part of the quest: A Vial of water, Ardrigal and Snake weed, Blessed Golden Bowl, Yommi tree seeds, Radimus notes, Machete, Hatchet, a Lockpick (possibly several), Pickaxe, Bull roarer, Rope(very important for winch step), an Unpowered orb (possibly several), runes to cast any Charge Orb spell (an Elemental staff may substitute for runes). Arms and supplies, including a Prayer potion, for the second battle would be helpful.

  • Use the seeds on the bowl, if there is any water remaining in it after possibly making Holy water and walking through the fire.
  • Go to the pure water pool and try to refill the bowl.
    • The saplings must be watered after they’re planted, so players shouldn’t try to plant them unless they can refill the bowl.
    • If players can refill the bowl without the pool going dry, then they can skip to later in the quest.
    • After a small time, it may look like the pool is replenished, but it isn’t. Attempting to refill the bowl again should demonstrate this.
  • Call Gujuo. He says that the underground source has probably been blocked off by some evil spirit. He also says that the underground source is a very scary place, guarded by undead adventurers who have sought it before. Players need a potion of bravery made from Ardrigal and Snake weed. Players have already found these herbs during the Jungle Potion quest.
  • Collect the herbs and mix them into a vial of water for a Bravery potion, which is consumed in 1 dose, however, do not drink the potion now.
  • Go back to Ungadulu’s cave, talk to him, (Don’t Attack him!) then go through all the same areas behind the bookcase as before. This time, when players reach the area with the seven pools, no runes are needed.
  • Go to the north part of the chamber, where another door is. Search it to read the riddle, if desired. Cast any Charge Orb spell on the door to go through it. (Players must be on the standard spellbook.) If the spell fails to open the door, try again.
  • Beyond the door is a room with several barrels in it. Ignore the barrels for now.
    • Players can smash the barrels to obtain several Dark Daggers, fish (raw or cooked, noted), ores (noted), logs (noted), food, rope, rocks, weapons, potions, coins, metal bars, runes, caskets, Paramaya tickets, half a meat pie, or probably a lot of other things not listed here. A player may also be attacked by a Death Wing.
    • If a barrel contains nothing, splinters damage a player’s life points.
    • There is also a chance that players could hit a barrel at the wrong angle and lower their Attack a few levels temporarily.
  • Use a rope on the winch, drink the bravery potion, and climb down the rope.
    • If the rope “disappears” before players can climb down, they can just search the winch to “find” it attached again.
    • It is possible that players may slip off the rope and fall, taking up to 180 points of damage.
    • If a player leaves the room and comes back at a later time, a new Bravery Potion is not needed.
They are a noble dead

Legends dungeon 2.png

  • 1 rope and blue hat
  • 2 strange monsters
  • 3 furnace
  • 4 dragon’s eye
  • 5 Shimmering Field
  • 6 Echned Zekin
  • Players should find themselves on the top of a long, winding ridge with several obstacles on it. Nearby is a blue hat. Attempting to take it invokes the skeletal apparition of Viyeldi, who gives players some clues about what is to come.
  • Climb over the rocky ledges using Agility to get to the bottom of the ridge. Failureresults in one of:
    • Falling off the ridge completely and taking up to 450 points of damage
    • Slipping off just that one obstacle for less damage, but taking a temporary reduction in Agility level, making it more likely that players fail subsequent obstacles.
    • Resting between obstacles will restore lifepoints & Agility if you have lost any.
  • At the bottom of the ridge, players must defeat three spectral monsters named Ranalph Devere (level 92), Irvig Senay (level 100), and San Tojalon (level 106). Using Protect from Melee makes the battles fairly easy. Talk to each one to fight him. Once players have beaten them, they won’t attack again. Search the mossy rocks to retrieve a Lump of crystal, a Chunk of crystal, and a Hunk of crystal.
  • Take the pieces of crystal to the furnace in the north-east part of the chamber. Use each one on the furnace to make the Heart crystal (requires 50 crafting). “Look-at” the Heart crystal to hear the clue, “Bring life to the dragon’s eye.”
  • Southwest of the furnace, find a mossy rock surrounded by crumbling walls. Notice on the minimap that the area looks like the head of a dragon, and the mossy rock is the eye. Use the crystal on the mossy rock to activate the crystal.
  • On the south side of the chamber is a magical barrier which the crystal can now open when players put the crystal in the heart-shaped recess to the left of the barrier. On the other side of the barrier are Lesser demons and beyond them is the source of the pure water.

Choose a PathEdit Choose a Path section

  • There are three boulders blocking the water flow. Try to push one, and a spirit named Echned Zekin appears. He says he’s being tortured and begs the player to help him by killing Viyeldi.
    • Players may notice that “Echned Zekin” is an anagram of “Nezikchened.” Players may also notice that Echned Zekin uses the same design as the myserious shades in Daemonheim. It also has a combat level of 187, which is the same as Nezikchened, though he cannot be attacked in his ghost form.
  • Agree to help. He gives the player a dark dagger.

At this point, there are two paths the player can choose.

  • The Short and Hard Path
    • This path involves complying with Echned Zekin’s request. It takes a shorter time to complete because players do not need to exit the dungeon. However, it makes the combat a little harder since the demon will drain prayer this time too.
    • Go back to the ridge and walk back up to the very top. The blue wizard hat is Viyeldi, whom players may have met on the way in. Stab him with the dagger.
    • Return to the cave with Echned Zekin. Push a boulder to get him to appear.
    • Tell him that Viyeldi is dead. He reveals himself to be Nezikchened and attacks the player, draining the player’s prayer.
  • The Long and Easy Path
    • This path involves reneging on the agreement with Echned Zekin. It takes a longer amount of time to complete, and another orb and charge orb spell to return because players must exit the caves. However, the combat at the end is only against the demon, not the guardians as well.
    • Ignore the previous agreement. Instead, leave the cave. Go to a bank and get another unpowered orb and runes for the charge orb spell, and, if neccesary, restock food and potions.
    • Return to Ungadulu and talk to him. Use the dagger on him, and he takes it. He recognises the evil in the dagger and uses it to create the Holy force, which he gives to the player.
    • Return to the cave with Echned Zekin. Push a boulder to get him to appear.
    • Use the Holy force. He reveals himself to be Nezikchened and attacks the player, but doesn’t drain prayer.

Fight the Demon AgainEdit Fight the Demon Again section

  • Nezikchened may begin with magic attacks, but switches to melee. At one point, he throws a dark dagger at the player, which may hit for up to 180 life points. Players may dodge the dagger, also, but there is no way to control whether it hits or misses.
  • After defeating him, push the boulders out of the way of the water’s flow. The boulders roll back after a short while. Nevertheless, the flow is unblocked.
  • Then, get out from the cave and go back to the jungle.

Restoring the TotemEdit Restoring the Totem section

The Yommi Tree

Items to complete this part of the quest: Radimus notes, Bull roarer, Yommi tree seeds, Golden bowl, machete, and hatchet (rune or better). Arms and supplies, including a Prayer potion, for the third battle would be helpful. Spicy stew or Greenman’s Ale is necessary if you do not have the required 45 Herblore level to plant the tree.

  • Fill the bowl from the restored pool. If necessary, use the seeds on the bowl to make them germinate into saplings, then fill the bowl again.
  • Use the bull roarer to call Gujuo. He tells the player what to do next to make a new totem.
  • At this point, the wolves can prevent players from completing the totem. It’s a good idea to kill the one north-west of the pool before proceeding. The next few steps should be complete before it respawns. Everything happens very quickly until the totem is complete.
  • Plant a sapling in the fertile soil just north-west of the pool. It’s a brown spot, bare of vegetation. Water the sapling with pure water to make it grow.
  • Stay alert. Once the tree gets to full size, players must immediately chop it down and shape it. If the tree rots (which also happens quickly) before or after it’s cut down, players get only regular logs, not a new totem. There are three saplings, so there are three chances to get it right.
  • Chop down the tree when it’s big enough. Keep chopping after it’s down until it becomes a Yommi totem. The first click chops down the tree. Three more clicks shape it. It’s done when the default action is Lift. Players must “use” their hatchet on the tree from inventory, not wield it.

The Final BattleEdit The Final Battle section

Finishing at the totem
  • Find any of the locations where there’s an old, brown totem. One is located just east of the pool, but there are some all over the forest.
  • After finding one, make preparations for the last fight.
    • Players who chose the long, easy path should turn on Protect from Melee, then use the new Yommi totem on the old one. The demon appears and attacks the player.
    • Players who chose the short, hard path can just use the new Yommi totem on the old one at this point. They must fight the three guardians first, one at a time, from the lowest-levelled to the highest-levelled. Players should then turn on Protect from Melee before the demon appears, if they hadn’t already turned it on for fighting the guardians. The demon appears after the three guardians are defeated.
  • The demon gets several free blows before players can respond. This lag is intended and can result in a swift death, especially for lower-levelled players. Protect from Melee negates all damage from his “sucker-punches”, including ones in between the 3 undead warriors (If you took the short and hard path). Once again, the demon drains prayer, but only when he fights you himself. He attacks with melee and magic, which is more effective this time.
  • Using ranged, magic, or a halberd from between the trees with the Protect from Magic prayer activated allows players to defeat him without risking health. Many players, however, have reported that the demon does not even attempt a magic attack during close-up melee, so Protect from Melee should be sufficient in that case.
  • NOTE: If you die, you will receive a grave; If you aren’t skulled, the Radimus notes are one of the items always kept on death, so you can easily re-enter.

Finishing UpEdit Finishing Up section

  • When Nezikchened falls for the last time, use the new totem on the evil totem again. Gujuo appears and rewards the player with a Gilded totem.
    The Gilded Totem.
  • Go back to the guild with the Radimus notes (which players completed) and the gilded totem.
  • Talk to Radimus Erkle in his office to give them to him. He wants to meet the player in the main hall.
  • Go to the main hall and talk to him again to be admitted into the Legends’ Guild.

Congratulations, quest complete!

RewardsEdit Rewards section

Legends' Quest Reward

(A player wearing the Cape of legends.)

  • 4 Quest points
  • Access to the Legends’ Guild (including a shop to buy Cape of legends)
  • 7,650 experience each in four skills of the player’s choice (can be used all on one skill for 30,600 xp)
    • Limited to Attack, Defence, Strength, Constitution, Prayer, Magic, Woodcutting, Crafting, Smithing, Herblore, Agility, and Thieving
  • Binding book
  • Bull roarer, used to summon Gujuo to bless Golden bowls
  • Ability to wield Dragon square shield
  • Ability to make Golden bowls, get them blessed, and use them (along with the Binding book) to make Holy water
  • Access to catchable red gecko pets in the Kharazi Jungle
  • Access to the Kharazi Jungle.


  1. Wow.. Just wow. Did you write all of that sir?

    • Lol good quest guides

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